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Dear colleagues and friends,
On behalf of organizing committee of CEC2015, we sincerely invite our colleagues and friends in the area of vascular disease diagnosis and treatment from the whole nation and abroad to join the coming CEC2015 to be held on Nov.5th -8th, 2015, at Shanghai International Convention Center in Shanghai.
CEC2015 is hosted jointly by Fudan University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, Capital Medical University Affiliated Beijing Anzhen Hospital, PLA General Hospital, Cross Straits Medical Exchange Association Vascular Experts Committee and Chinese Medical Doctor Association Surgeon Branch Vascular Experts Committee, which gets the great support from Chinese Journal of Surgery, Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery, Journal of Chinese Medicine, Journal of Chinese Medicine (English Edition), Chinese Journal of General Surgery, Chinese Journal of Vascular Surgery (D-edition), Chinese Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and the other academic institutions and organizations.
Since its creation in 2008, adhering to the principle of strengthening the fundamental diagnosis and treatment, standardizing the clinical operation, servicing the first line doctors and tracking the important researches, and comprehensively demonstrating the latest progress of the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease areas at home and abroad, CEC aims at promoting the continuous improvement and innovation of diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases and scientific research in China through latest technology and the most extensive interdisciplinary collaboration. For eight years, through unremitting efforts and exploration. Growing with Chinese vascular diseases, CEC, has developed into an academic event of Chinese vascular diseases which influences the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even attracts global attention.
We are going to have the opening of China Endovascular Course in Shanghai for the third time along the Huangpu River in 2015. CEC2015 will still demonstrate the Innovation and clinical application of vascular surgery and endovascular technologies comprehensively in the characteristic forms of lumen fundamental course, expert keynote Speech, operation demo video, satellite live broadcasting and so on. In the meantime, " Auxiliary diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease and multidisciplinary collaboration " and " International exchange and debate" and other special topics will be newly established in CEC2015, for the purpose of complying with the increasingly diversified development patterns, and deepening the cross-strait vascular surgery academic exchanges and cooperation with the international academic conference teams such as NCVH, VIVA, Veith and ISES from America and so on, which provides an international stage for young experts in the field of vascular disease to make their presence.
CEC belongs to the clinical medical personnel who strive for vascular diseases, belongs to the scientific and technological workers dedicated to promoting technological innovation and even belongs to patients with vascular diseases who are benefited from rapidly changing medical technology.
CEC will continue to disseminate the latest academic trend at home and abroad, focus on the controversial topics and technologies, guide the career of surgical and endovascular diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases in China. We look forward to your support and participation. Let us share the academic feast together! Let us promote the vascular health together!
CEC2015 Executive Chairman
Fu Weiguo
February 2015