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About us

In order to comply with demands of medical reform, to provide better medical services to patients, to create a professional academic and technological communication platform for physicians and to create a regulated business environment for companies, . TOPCEC (WWW. TOPCEC. COM) with its innovative concepts, is establishing a multilateral medical platform uniting the three different yet interdependent parties: patients, physicians and companies to better accomplish the goal of “Serving the patients, physicians and companies” in one click.

Based on the support from CEC, TOPYISHENG (WWW.TOPYISHENG. COM) is to be the first professional platform providing holistic medical services to patients, physicians and companies in China soliciting collaboration between the t medical institutions, , clinical departments, , medical media, specialized academic groups physicians at home and abroad, integrating online and offline resources, optimizing and sharing the medical resources to create values in medical services.